Ryan Reynolds Workout Diet

He still looks great, and has plenty of muscle. And, this look is closer to his natural body type. While not as big as he was playing Hannibal King, he still has a body most would be envious of.

No matter how great your fitness program, or how much you workout, you're not going to see the results you truly desire without a good diet. Reynolds, and just about any trainer, will tell you that diet is a huge part of the equation. So Ryan Reynolds workout diet consisted of foods such as this:

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- Lean meats, chicken, and fish

- Good carbs like sweet potatoes, yams, brown rice, and oatmeal

- Plenty of fruits and vegetables

- Plenty of water throughout the day

- Meal replacement bars. His trainer has him eat these all the time, and it's one of Ryan's secret weapons.

He ate 6 small meals per day and had a good balance of proteins and carbs.

Ryan Reynolds Workout

Most People Trying to Create Their Own Program Are Doing it All Wrong

As far as the exact workout and diet plan he followed goes, celebrities and their trainers tend to be vague and tight-lipped about exactly what to do. Most information you find online about the Ryan Reynolds workout says eat every few hours and work a different muscle group each day. And most workout routines focus on lifting heavy and getting massive. This is the exact opposite of what you want to do if you want to look like Ryan Reynolds.

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