Believe it or not but everything we sell was originally on its way to a landfill.

Our parent company is EarthWise Hauling, the Eco-Friendly Junk Removal company.

The EarthWise Store was created to divert as many goods as possible from the landfill. Our junk removal clients love the fact that their “junk” might find a new home, and our shoppers love getting great bargains on a variety of gently used items.

Everything you buy directly supports the Rivers and Lands Conservancy of Southern California, which is dedicated to protecting the LOCAL environment and wildlife that we all enjoy here in beautiful Southern California!


Everything you buy directly supports the Rivers and Lands Conservancy


Although most of our profits go to the rivers and lands conservancy, which is a non-profit organization, we are not a non profit organization.

That means we do not accept drop offs or donations of any kind.

Some folks want to know why we support the Rivers and Lands conservancy instead of a religious organization like most thrift stores. There are a couple of reasons. For the most part, religion divides people. Most religions do not even teach basic bible truths but instead promote their own agenda.

On the other hand, the Earth we live on actually unites us.

We all share this Earth, regardless of our color, race, gender or religion. We think The Rivers and lands conservancy is especially cool because they specifically support and protect the Local Southern California wildlife that we all love and share.