Generation Mobile: Students & Mobile Phone Use Infographic

A new infographic created by Hack College shows just how obsessed college students are with their mobile phones.

- 60% of respondents said that they felt addicted to their mobile phones, with 75% never letting theirs leave their side.

- Perhaps surprisingly, only 57% own a smartphone with iPhone and Android phones being split in terms of popularity.

- The majority say that mobiles are important for developing relationships and connecting with people, with 97% using their mobiles for social networking.

- Students are also using their phones for studying, with 40% doing last minute revision before exams on their mobiles.

- However, almost all questioned students said that they use their phone during classes, with a quarter whipping them out every single class!

What do you think? Are mobile phones a distraction to students or a useful learning tool? Either way, it's hard to deny that mobiles are now a massive part of young peoples' lives.

Posted in Home Post Date 04/06/2021






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