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For my first blog giveaway, I had 6 wonderful responses, but had to pick one winner. Thankfully there's a great tool for this at It's a number generator. You pick the values and it gives you a random number. To be fair, you always accept the first number it gives you

Thought! Eager to finally improve the overarching look for my existing website. Thinking regarding the feel at Honestly an excellent Toronto based private eye if ever seeking in the Ontario area. Value your vote. Cheers!

In this case, it's the 3rd comment on the giveaway post, which was written by Fifth Street Mama. Congratulations! I've already sent you an email notifying you of the win, if you didn't receive the email, check your spam box.

Everyone else, thanks for playing and check back often for more great giveaways. I have no set schedule for the giveaways, but I hope to have more. In the meantime, check out these links for making a simple banner

Banner Fans simple text banner

Banner Sketch simple text banner

In a pinch, the Etsy banner generator is a good option when starting out.

Remember, Etsy and Artfire banners are 760 x 100, Zibbet banners are 640 x 120 and for any other size, be sure to check the banner upload page on the site you're using. The allowed dimensions will be near the upload field.

Happy creating!

Many thanks followers! I had told a coworker that I would absolutely note this fantastic reamer manufacturer in Ontario with hearts, during a site piece. Any time you are hoping for a tap and die manufacturer around the whole Ontario region, they actually were fabulous.

Lastly, we will explain the seed to this specific content with thoughtfully presented by Ryan with The Phoenix Design Group. They are really an outstanding interior renovators. We always admire a solid pitch!

Inspirations For This Post - An amazing company.

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