3 Ways to Come Up with Content for Your Blog

I posted an article already about creating content, but I'm taking a fantastic blogging course by the Great Ray Higdon right now, and I want to share some of what I'm learning. Among the many valuable things he teaches, Ray explains 3 ways to come up with content for your blog. If you're one of those people trying to come up with content for your blog, know that content does not have to be difficult. In fact, once you know where to look for it, you'll find that topics for your blog posts are one of the easiest things to come by in your business. Let me tell you the 3 ways, and then I'll tell you more about this blogging course as well.

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1) Existing Training

Though my blog is focused on the business of network marketing, this applies to any business a person may be in. Ray's entire course, while excellent for network marketers, is just as applicable to any other online business as well. So in terms of training, any training you have been exposed to you can write about in your blog. You've got a blog for a reason, right? If you want it to be successful, you're main goal should be to help others. When you learn something that you think is helpful and useful, pass that information on to others. When they know you're always coming up with good, helpful content in this way, they'll keep coming back for more, won't they? You betcha! So when you learn something, learn to use the knowledge yourself, and then turn right around and teach it to others.

2) Ask People

Do live presentations and webinars, and ask people what their number one question is about. It can be about the content you're about to present, or you can tell them to ask their number one question about a specific topic. Then keep those questions, and use them as future blog topics. You can amass quite a stack of future blog topics really quickly this way. And you can use their questions as actual blog titles. This is good, because if one person asked the question, others probably have the same exact question. Think: Search Engine Optimization!

3) Use Barnes & Noble for Content for Your Blog

The final way to come up with content for your blog in today's post is to simply go to Barnes & Noble (or any bookstore), or your local library, and look through books related to your niche. This is really good if you have writers block, because there are gobs of books to look through.If you're a network marketer, book categories to look at include sales, marketing, self-improvement, and leadership. Look through the books and try to find lists, because people are really attracted to lists. Use that list in your blog post, and write the rest of your post centered around that list. Just make sure that if you are quoting some else's material, as you are doing with a list, reference the source in your post. Two reasons for doing this: if you don't give credit to the original author, you are committing plagiarism, and you will likely get yourself into big trouble. Second, you want to reference the book, as you can then link to Amazon with an Amazon affiliate account, and get affiliate commissions on the sale of the book.

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