All in one PC with dual boots Android and Windows 8

All in one PC with dual boots Android and Windows 8 device is finally knocks off. Asus launches it's new dual booth PC Asus Transformer AiO P 1801 which is more like a desktop which is packed well with an Android tablet. Asus offers adetachable tablet with it's new techno device, Asus Transformer AiO. Without any late we can see the specs of Asus Transformer AiO.

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Asus has named this device "Transformer" which looks just perfect for this as like many of transformer series devices. Basically Transformer AiO is a PC which can be converted in to an 18- inch Tablet. All you have to do is just swipe it up from it's stand and you would have a bigger tablet on your hand.

Asus hd announced this Transformer on this Thursday which will be unleashed in the market in the second quarter of the current year. It is priced at$1,300. It is all a new technology product which handles more tasks within it's dual boot functionality. You can use it like a desktop when in needs, and you can take it over with you while you are out of your work place. Many people called it a hybrid device.

Moving on to further,Asus Transformer AiO is loaded with a dock, if you want to use it as a desktop you can easily fix it up on this dock or we can call it as a stand. Which looks like a desktop. While it gets on as a Desktop it features all the PC functions, these all things happen with that stand and it's attachment. This desktop is powered by aIntels core i3 CPU which can be convertible to i5 or i7 easily. It runs on Windows 8 operating system. With this newAsus Transformer AiO, user would get a graphic card which is already enabled in this desktop level. It has two different variants, you can choose a 1TB or 2TB hard drive. There is a 4 GB of RAM which can make your device runs more smoothly at work and while play games. Hold a bit, there's a lot more features packed in this AiO. HDMI port, 4 USB ports, SD card port, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and all the other basic features are present over here.

With this Asus Transformer AiO when you're done with your desktop work and want to move outside of your work place with your device, you can simply remove it's screen from it's stand. At that time, it still runs on the same OS that is Windows 8 (When you are connected on the same Wireless network). For using it as a tablet, you need to switch on it's OS to Android.

It would offers the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating system and holds all the high end features within this tablet, and I'm sure that Asus Transformer AiO tablet would be the biggest ever in the techno market. It offers the whole 18 Inch screen to let is use with 32 GB of memory. It's more lighter than all the others and it holds a weigh up to 5.9 pounds.

Asus Transformer Aio Price

This Asus Transformer AiO PC cum Tablet would be in the market to purchase from the second quarter with a price tag of $1,300. What are your thought on this new technology piece? Is it packed good enough? Share your thoughts here in the form of comment.

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