Make your own pizza!

If you are struggling to find a suitable restaurant to take a first date, then look no further than Ponti's Italian Kitchen just behind Oxford Circus, where you can make your own pizza. What an awesome way to get to know someone better or just have fun with your mates.

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I went with my sister and while we both had pre-conceived ideas about Ponti's, we we're suitably impressed to find a cleanly decorated restaurant full of fresh ingredients, friendly staff and most importantly for central London, affordable prices!

We didn't actually make the pizza dough ourselves as it needs time to ferment, but we we're each given a dough ball and shown how to make the pizzas: How to cover it in polenta flour, toss it in the air, manage to catch it without sticking your nails through it, roll it out and delicately spoon on the tomato sauce ready for the toppings of our choice.

I couldn't decide which toppings to put on so I went for a four seasons, which meant I had the excuse to try a bit of everything. Delicious spicy spianata romana salami, fresh anchovies, portobello mushrooms, buffalo mozzarella, rocket the list goes on!

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