I'm always intrigued when Anik Singal launches something, and when...

I'm always intrigued when Anik Singal launches something, and when I first heard about Profit Academy I had my doubts. But having spent some time studying the course, looking into people who have actually attended his workshops, and by introspecting my own business I have come to a conclusion that this may be Anik's best product to date.

I'm not an easy man to please and since I've pretty much done everything related to Internet Marketing in the last 8 years, I'm probably one of the best people to tell you all about Profit Academy. I'm also giving away a PRICELESS BONUS, so keep reading.

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Why should you listen to me?

Before we begin, it's imperative that you know who I am and where I'm coming from. I started off with graphic design and web development in my teenage years and started my first company after graduating from college. I studied Anik's PPC Classroom way back in the day and it helped me launch several successful (read: profitable) Adwords campaigns which paved way to affiliate marketing. I have even gone through Anik's entire Affiliate Classroom course and it helped me improvise into creating several dozen profitable affiliate campaigns.

I've been involved with email marketing and studied Anik's recent Inbox Blueprint course as well. I've built lists of several thousand people over the years in multiple niches.

To summarize, I pretty much know everything there is to know about creating, sustaining, and growing an online business. Heck, I've done it for 8 years and I'm still as puppy-love excited about working today like I was when I first started off. Why you ask? Well it's because I turned my passion into my business. My passion was creativity, web development/design and helping others out. Everything that I've done in my online business has always been creative and the reach I've established let's me help others realize their true potential.

Passions, Business, Blah Blah I just want to be HAPPY!

Enough about business. Yes, I make a lot of money doing the things I love but that's only partly responsible for my happiness. True happiness is never attained by working all day and night even if you're working on your passions.

You know what makes me truly happy?

  • Getting up when I want to.
  • Spending inordinate amounts of time with my family.
  • Travelling the world carefree and not having to answer to anybody.
  • Having the time to pursue my hobbies and sports.
  • If I'm bored at 1 in the afternoon, I watch 3 movies in a row.
  • If I don't feel like working one day, I take my wife out for a long drive and spend the night talking to her (under the stars), sipping chardonnay at a neat destination resort.

I can't even begin to describe all the happiness I have all because I have all the time in the world and the work I do keeps me fulfilled.

To be able to turn your own passion into a full-time business is a dream come true for anybody and I feel so blessed to have done it successfully and for so long.

Most products out there reek

I've spent tens of thousands of dollars buying internet marketing training products over the years. Most of them are disappointing. Most of them assert big claims in their fancy sales videos and when you buy into that hype, all that's waiting on the other side is dog poop, vomit, and an upsell to make you buy a bigger pile of dog poop and vomit.

To be honest, I actually stopped buying IM products for a couple of years when my nostrils had started to become immune to the smell.

But this one guy always intrigued me

Having learnt from him so much over the years, I have developed immense respect for that guy. He brought in a couple of products every year always fresh and exciting. Whenever I heard this guy was launching a product, I used to sit in front of the computer screen clicking the refresh button to make sure I was the FIRST person who bought his products. Mostly I wasn't because his products sold like butterscotch ice-cream, but it didn't matter.

I attribute most of my online business success to this guy because his innovative and cutting-edge marketing advice was not only informative but actually lead to defining moments in my business. I learnt PPC, Affiliate marketing, sales funnels, product launches, email marketing, networking, list building, advertising, and about 47 other things from his products.

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