We Take Care Of Our Own

2012, the year of BRUCE

Whilst Saturday night's Light of Day concert in Asbury Park, New Jersey proved to fans the world over that Bruce is now truly ready to rock once more, the moment which monumentally defined the beginning of 2012 being the year of Springsteen, the E Street Band, and the E Street Nation, has just occurred. For a little over 3 hours ago I read that The Boss is set to release his first single from the new album Tomorrow.

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To say that we, the fans of Springsteen, are excited, is truly an understatement. Since news broke in November that Bruce and the band would not only release a new album but also tour the world, the E Street Nation has been on an unrelenting high. With European tour dates released, and tickets sold out, the American tour dates are still greatly sought after Surely they can't be long now. Either way, The Boss and the E Street Band are set to take to the stage of the world once more without any doubt fuelled by the intention of making this another monumentally great year in the history of not only the band, but also of ROCK itself too.


The title of the single, "WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN", as it is written on the single's cover, is not only a representation of the anticipated tone of Bruce's work this album, but also is truly symbolic of the care which the E Street Band has provided to it's fans for 40 years, and the love and compassion which the fans of Springsteen themselves show one another. Personally I do not feel that The Boss could have picked a more fitting title either. The world has seen such indescribable economic turmoil recently, which has so greatly damaged Springsteen's 2009 vision of "Working On A Dream", and left many with nothing but fear in their hearts and worry on their minds.Due to the "big" guys picking on the "little" guys, the global elite treating the working man as nothing more than a commodity, and destroying the very realities which define our ability to reach our dreams, we as people have had to unite against the oppression and in the face of adversity. Displaying immense solidarity it is true that we can be proud of ourselves, and nowhere has such community been felt more passionately than within the love shared by fans of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. We look out for one another as the band looks out for us, and as we look out for them. And, from the man himself, the message is clear we take care of our own.

Feel the PASSION!

Said to be the "angriest" album ever created by Springsteen, by his very admission, the record also promises to have a "very pronounced spiritual dimension", said Springsteen's long time manager, Jon Landau. He also cited the new album as containing "social overtones" reflected in the title of the single alone and to incorporate"unexpected textures loops, electronic percussion influences and rhythms from hip-hop to Irish folk rhythms.", which in itself brings the eager anticipation of not only the power of the lyrics, but also the excitement of it's sound too. Finally, as Jon Landau told the Rolling Stone, the new album is an exiting"big-picture piece of work. It's a rock record that combines elements of both Bruce's classic sound and hisSeeger Sessionsexperience, with new textures and styles.". Whilst some might have a few reservations about the Seeger Sessions' sound influencing the feel of Springsteen's newest record, I like most believe that in being incorporated with Bruce's "classic sound", we can expect nothing less than musical perfection But hey, doesn't The Boss always provide us with that anyway?

An "angry" album by Bruce Springsteen is something to get seriously excited about. Whilst The Boss exudes an almost unrivalled degree of love and care within music, he is also a man who will fight with every ounce of vigour in his heart and soul for that which he believes in. Not only reflected in his words and music, but also in his political activity, The Boss is no stranger to fighting the good fight of faith. Some argue that whilst many of Bruce's lyrics have contained the anger he is capable of, since the 80s the music itself has lacked such fervent vexation. Whether this is true or not, I think the consensus is clear this album will offer both.

This guy really means business.

When you consider the man who is Bruce Springsteen contrasting with the world in which we live, you can imagine the shear rage within his soul Not of hate, but of love. A love for the people he cares about and represents, in a world which is controlled by those who do not care about us. As our spiritual leader, rock representative, and poet who reflects our hearts, Bruce Springsteen sings what we feel, and fights what we need to change. Times have become considerably worse over the last few years, even since 2009 and Springsteen's "Working On A Dream". Whilst the evils of this world have intensified, so too has our compunction to fight To rage against the machine and so it is with real certainty that we can expect The Boss to have been similarly moved and angered. We can be sure that such emotion will have translated from his soul into his new record And truly, this is going to be one he'll of a musical venture.

With that in mind, within the next day we will all have one new song by the GREATEST Rock musician of all time, Bruce Springsteen, to rock out to, to cry to, and to sustain us in life. This is gonna be something really exciting And man, are we in for one he'll of a year.

The world better watch out, because Bruce Springsteen is a man on a mission, backed by his band, and by us the E Street Nation and fuelled by an undying desire to fight. This man is on fire, a fire of love and fervent determination to get the world back to where it should be. The world will become engulfed in the flames of love, power, and strength in his music with the E Street Band again this year Backed by the many millions of fans who define the community behind the E Street Nation, and who will with every last breath fight for our rights, our hopes, and our dreams.

A man on a mission, but still with a smile on his face.

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