Not Your Ordinary Cafe: Aunt Sallies

Located right between West Broad St. and West 1st St., the quiet caf appeals to a wide range of people, some coming to study, others to eat, and still others just to chat at one of the comfy couches up at the front of the store. The atmosphere is laid back and pleasant, smelling like freshly brewed coffee and muffins, with relaxed chatter humming along with the espresso machine, and a few alternative tunes thrown into the mix. The place feels homey, safe, and authentic.

The coffee is superb here. Freshly roasted and filled with a delicious aroma people come here for the coffee alone. You can get your espresso macchiato, espresso con panna, or espresso cubano. Want to skip the fancy stuff? They also offer a plain old Cup o Joe. Some of their patrons aren't kidding when they say you can't find better coffee in Cookeville.

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Sweet Sallie has some serious food quality for such a carefree caf. Starting with the sweets (who wouldnt?) you can't help but taste the quality of each ingredient that goes into them. Sweet Sallie uses European style butter and Belgian chocolates to give their desserts their mouthwatering qualities. Only the freshest quality cream and purest White Lily flour are used to design their specialty cupcakes. Speaking of the cupcakes, you can buy them up by the dozen, with more than one flavor to choose from. They have Cookies & Cream, Lemony Key Lime, Pomegranate White Chocolate, and Wine-Tastic. Hows that for a selection of goodies? Always moist and fresh, they never fail to deliver. Careful thoughtheyre rich!

Breakfast has a whole other set of dishes, from muffins to bagels, from cinnamon rolls to scones. The whole assortment is fresh and just-baked.

So whether you're looking for a place to have a nice sit-down lunch, have a study group over a hot cup of fresh coffee, or just stay long enough to pick up a dozen cupcakes, Aunt Sallies Bakery and Caf has a table waiting just for you.

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